Marabá Airport - João Correa da Rocha (MAB)

The main gateway to the South and Southeast of Pará, Marabá Airport plays an important integration role, connecting the region to the Brazilian capitals and the state's main cities. On the banks of the Transamazônica highway, Marabá has a developing economy. The city, the only one in the area that has air, road and rail transport, functions as a commercial and logistical center for more than 30 neighboring municipalities, serving a population of more than one million inhabitants.

As of November 21, 2023, João Correa da Rocha – Marabá Airport (MAB) began to be managed by Aena Brasil, after the concessionaire purchased a block of 11 Brazilian airport terminals at auction by the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac), carried out in 2022. As it already manages, since 2020, six units in the Northeast, Aena Brasil runs, in total, 17 airports in the country. The company is part of the Spanish company Aena, considered the largest airport operator in the world in terms of number of passengers.
Marabá Airport arose from the need to meet the demands of the population of Maraba and the region. Like many other airports in the country, first, an airfield was created, which then became an aerodrome, until it became an airport.