Civil Aviation Security

Aena Brasil follows Civil Aviation Safety criteria established by law. Below you will find information on actions to promote a culture of safety within the airports managed by the company, in addition to the airport accreditation booklet and publications of our campaigns. To complete the AVSEC Form, visit the AVSEC Report page.

Airport Accreditation

Essential for security controls, airport accreditation ensures that only those who have gone through the security process will have access to restricted airport areas.

For greater convenience, Aena Brasil has developed electronic registration. By clicking here you can request your airport pass and have access to the necessary documentation.

Before starting the procedure, check out the booklet with the step-by-step process to carry out the accreditation.

AVSEC Campaigns

The AVSEC campaigns developed by Aena Brasil aim to strengthen the safety culture at airports managed by the company, reinforcing compliance with and adoption of rules, procedures, values, and fundamental behaviors for civil aviation safety.

A positive safety culture allows employees and other collaborators of the company to play their role in a critical and more conscious way, assuming the commitment to identify and report behaviors or activities that put civil aviation safety at risk.

 With the participation of the entire airport community, the civil aviation sector becomes more resistant to internal and external threats, as well as risks that can result in various damages to those who use this transport.

In the search for increasingly better results, Aena Brasil launches AVSEC Campaigns annually, even involving leaders and allocating resources to the formation of a team committed to the safety of civil aviation.

In this space, you will have access to information and promotional materials for the campaigns. Read and share. Help foster a culture of safety, so that together we can protect civil aviation.


Awareness Lecture with AVSEC

The Awareness Lecture with AVSEC aims to enlighten professionals in the operational area about the importance of airport security and the main rules applied to the aerodrome environment.

The activity, carried out by the airport operator, is part of the airport credential granting process.

Entries can be made through the e-mails available in Contacts, in the part referring to training.



Here you will find all AVSEC publications made by Aena Brasil at its airports.


Civil Aviation Security

AVSEC Minute - 2024

(1) AVSEC Minute- 99 a 111 - 1st quarter (january to march)
(2) AVSEC Minute- 112 a 117 - 2nd quarter (april to june)
(3) AVSEC Minute- 124 a 125 - 3rd quarter (july)

AVSEC Minute - 2023

(1) AVSEC Minute 49 a 59 - 1st quarter (january to march)
(2) AVSEC Minute 60 a 72 - 2nd quarter (april to june)
(3) AVSEC Minute 73 a 85 - 3rd quarter (july to september)
(4) AVSEC Minute 86 a 98 - 4th quarter (october to december)

AVSEC Minute - 2022

(1) AVSEC Minute - January - March - edition 1 to 10 
(2) AVSEC Minute - April - June - edition 11 to 23 
(3) AVSEC Minute - July to September - edition 24 to 36 
(4) AVSEC Minute - October to december - edition 37 to 48 


AVSEC Campaigns

(1) AVSEC Report Campaign Folder 
(2)  AVSEC Report Campaign Folder  
(3)  AVSEC Report Campaign Folder 
(4)  AVSEC Report Campaign Folder  
(5) AVSEC Awareness Campaign - Quiz  
(6) AVSEC Awareness Campaign - Year III