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What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text, image or software files that are placed and stored on your computer, smartphone or any other device used to access the Internet when you visit a website. In the context of this policy, the term “cookie” should be understood broadly and may also refer to alternative technologies used to store information on your device (such as Flash cookie, fingerprints, invisible pixels, HTML5, local storage, etc.), depending on which device you are using.

Cookies are very useful and can, for example, allow a website to recognize you, record your access when visiting a certain page and establish a secure connection with a website and/or application in order to improve your experience as a user, in addition to protect your connection and/or adapt the content of a page to your areas of interest.

The portal uses its own (primary) cookies, that is, from the domain, to record users' browsing settings and preferences and generate statistical reports through Google Analytics, and third-party cookies to supplement these statistics.

Cookies duration

Cookies can be stored on your device for a maximum period of 24 months.

Cookies on our website, in terms of duration, may be:

Session Cookies: are temporary and remain on the User's device even while using our website; or

Permanent Cookies: remain on the User's device for a longer period or until they are manually deleted (the length of stay will depend on the User's browser settings or the "lifetime" of the specific cookie).

What kind of information can be stored in a cookie?

Information stored by cookies on your device, for a limited period of validity, may relate to: certain web pages you have visited on that device; advertisements you clicked on; the type of browser you use; your IP address; or information you have provided to a website and/or application. The use of the cookie means that you will not have to provide the information again. Therefore, cookies may contain personal data. When we use cookies that collect personal data, this data is handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


Your choices regarding the use of cookies

The necessary cookies, of a technical nature, are automatically enabled so that it is possible to use the website and make all its functionalities available to the User.

Regarding other cookies, when accessing the website, you can choose to enable or disable them, so that the installation of cookies on your device will be subject to your consent. In these cases, your authorization for the use of cookies will be collected through the cookie-banner (cookie consent banner) available when accessing the website.

By continuing to browse our website, you allow us to install cookies on your device. You can always change your mind by refusing the installation of cookies by changing your browser settings.

Cookies installed by us (first-party cookies)

1. Necessary or technical cookies
This category includes cookies that are strictly necessary for the functioning of the Site, as well as to allow the User to use all available functionalities. Without the necessary cookies, the website will not operate properly, will not adequately provide its functionalities, and navigation may be impaired. This category also includes some security cookies that are necessary to comply with our legal security requirements. 

Name found Expiration* Found on**
__cdYWVuYWJyYXNpbC5zb2xpZGVzLmpvYnM NA
OptanonConsent 1 Year
__e_inc NA
RT 7 days
cookiesession 348 days

*NA (Non available) 

2. Analytical cookies and cookies installed by other companies (third-party cookies)

The portal depends on a service provided by third parties that allow:

•Stores information about user-defined preferences.
•Stores categories accepted by the user.

The portal has no control over which third-party cookies will be activated.

Name found Expiration Object
elixregtechcookie 30 days Stores information about user-defined preferences for versions 1.8 or earlier
ECIX_TECH_eCookies_cookie 30 days Stores information about user-defined preferences for versions 2.0 or latter
elixactivegroups 30 days Stores categories accepted by the user (present in all versions).
The third-party cookies on the portal are all Google analytics cookies. These third parties will collect and use browsing data for their own purposes as well. The user can deactivate them directly on the Google website.

Official information about Google cookies:

Other possible cookies to be loaded by the Google visit monitoring service:

Privacy policy: (
Name found Expiration Object
_ga 2 years To distinguish unique users by assigning a randomly generated number as a customer identifier.
_gid 2 hours To register a unique ID for generating statistical data about how the visitor uses the website.
_gat_UA 1 minute Used to limit data collection on high-traffic websites. The cookie is set by the Google Analytics tracking code and contains the unique ID of the tracking account or website it links to. The _gat_UA cookie is typically used to throttle the request rate, which means it limits the amount of data Google Analytics can collect from the website.

The portal has Dynatrace Real User Monitoring (RUM) capabilities and also relies on browser cookies to correlate user interactions in the browser, such as user actions, with general page and back-end performance metrics.

Name found Expiration Object
dtpc Session Required to identify proper endpoints for beacon transmission; includes session ID for correlation.
Rxvt Session Specifies the session timeout.
rxVisitor Session Contains the visitor ID to correlate sessions.
dtCookie Session Tracks a visit across multiple requests.
dtLatc Session Measures server latency for performance monitoring.
Privacy policy in: (

We use cookies from the adobe analytics product:
Nome encontrado Expiração
s_sq Session Session , This cookie is set and read by the JavaScript code when the SelectMap functionality or the Activity Map functionality are enabled; it contains information about the previous link that was selected on by the user
s_cc Session This cookie is set and read by the JavaScript code to determine if cookies are enabled (set to “True”)
AMCV_8170525A5488E08A0A4C98C6%40AdobeOrg 2 years  This cookie is used to identify a unique visitor
TEST_AMCV_COOKIE_WRITE 2 years I This cookie is used to identify a unique visitor
AMCVS_8170525A5488E08A0A4C98C6%40AdobeOrg Session The AMCVS cookie serves as a flag indicating that the session has been initialized. Its value is always 1 and discontinues when the session has ended.
s_fid 2 years Fallback unique visitor ID time/date stamp

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Cloud Services

The portal has Dynatrace Real User Monitoring (RUM) capabilities and also relies on browser cookies to correlate user interactions in the browser, such as user actions, with general page and back-end performance metrics.
Name found Expiration Object
_hjSessionUser_1715664 365

Privacy policy in:


Information from Cookies used for social networks applications

The portal incorporates videos and other media files from Facebook, YouTube and Google. The user can search for more information about the cookies used by these social networks and how personal data is treated by them. Below are links to access the Privacy Policies of each social network.

Other ways to control which cookies are placed on your device

To manage cookies, one of the alternatives is the browser configuration. Tutorials on the topic in the links below:

The user can change permissions, block or refuse Cookies in his browser at any time, with the exception of those strictly necessary (essential cookies). However, the revocation of consent for certain Cookies may impair the correct functioning of some features of the

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