The airport

Located in the state of Paraíba, Campina Grande occupies a privileged geographic position, perfect for housing an air terminal. The municipality, where the Campina Grande Airport – Presidente João Suassuna is located, is close to three northeastern capitals — Natal, João Pessoa and Recife.
In addition, the city is considered one of the main industrial centers in the Northeast. Among its main economic activities are mineral extraction, software development, trade, agriculture, livestock, transformation industries, wholesalers and services.
Campina Grande also has an important university center, bringing together professors, students and researchers. But, without a doubt, what makes the municipality located in the eastern part of the Planalto da Borborema known throughout the country is the famous June festival, called by the people of Paraíba "the greatest São João in the world".
With an area of 3,492 square meters, the passenger terminal at Campina Grande Airport – Presidente João Suassuna has two floors, departure and arrival halls, food outlets, car rental agencies, taxi service and parking for 132 vehicles. Check out the characteristics of Campina Grande Airport: