São Paulo/Congonhas Airport – Deputy Freitas Nobre (CGH)

São Paulo/Congonhas Airport – Deputy Freitas Nobre (CGH) is one of the most important in Brazil. On October 17, 2023, the equipment began to be managed by Aena Brasil, after the concessionaire purchased a block of 11 Brazilian airports in an auction by the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac), held in 2022.

As it has already managed, since 2020, six terminals in the Northeast, Aena Brasil now operates a total of 17 airports in the country. The company is part of the Spanish group Aena, considered the largest airport operator in the world in terms of number of passengers.

Congonhas Airport records a daily flow of over 70 thousand passengers. It was from the 1990s onwards that Congonhas became the busiest airport in the country. In 1936, the year of its opening, the unit occupied an open area, chosen to host the airport due to its natural visibility and drainage conditions, as it was far from the flood regions of the Tietê River.
However, over time, Congonhas was surrounded by the metropolis and became a central airport, which currently serves Greater São Paulo with national and regional domestic flights to more than 30 destinations in Brazil, since commercial international flights from Congonhas were transferred to São Paulo International Airport, in Guarulhos, in 1985.